About Maria

Hi, my name is Maria Cristina, I was frustrated trying to find a good pair of boots that matched with all my outfits. Like you, I spent lots of money buying boots, different styles and colors. I love a beautiful pair of boots, just like you. Throughout my world travels, I have seen how women from so many cultures and countries enjoy how a good pair of boots pulls your outfit together to create the perfect ensemble.

However, there is a universal problem with our beloved, fashionable boots. While they may look fabulous on, boots are expensive, bulky to pack and difficult to store in your closet. And did I mention the frustration of finding space in your suitcase when you travel?

Maria Cristina’s Boot Sleeves solve this fashion dilemma. I have created a stylish women’s interchangeable boot sleeve. This high-end and elegant accessory expands your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of buying different boots and it makes packing multiple boots as easy as packing an extra shirt.

These chic and elegant interchangeable boot sleeves easily change the look of your favorite pair of boots. These sleeves are as beautifully designed as the boots you love, and come in different colors and in a variety of luxurious materials such as suede and leather. We also offer limited and custom print editions.

Maria Cristina’s interchangeable sleeves work well with form fitting and slimmer-fit boot styles. Each sleeve laces elegantly down the back for a stylish look.

But this is more than just high-end and premium boot sleeve for women; it is a passion and vision of mine to help you look your best for less.

This elegant product helps you look and feel confident and beautiful, saves you money and is easy to store and pack for travel.


Founder Maria Cristina